Welcome to CARE EAP

A Confidential Counseling and Referral Service

Counseling Assistance and Resources for Employees, Employee Assistance Program (CARE EAP) offers a set of services to help you and your family address emotional and behavioral problems including job stress, depression/anxiety, marital/family relationships, alcohol/substance abuse and dependence, and other mental health issues.

Access to the program is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1-877-4EAP (4327). A CARE EAP clinician who is a master level mental health professional and who has experience working with mental health and substance abuse related problems will be available to assist you. Every effort will be made to schedule appointments in a timely manner and at the most convenient location.

If you are an employee of an organization covered by CARE EAP, the program is free to you and your eligible dependents as part of your benefits package by your employer. However, if further service is indicated after the evaluation process, the clinician will work with you and your family to find the most appropriate type of treatment provided through your insurance plan.

CARE EAP is a confidential service and all records are the exclusive property of the program. No information from your record will be released without your written consent.