Management/Supervisory Training Sessions

The CARE EAP team, in consultation with your designated liaison, will provide on-site training sessions to supervisors, managers and administrative personnel on the role of the EAP in the workplace. The purpose of this training program is to alert managers to the service and to expand awareness of mental health and substance abuse problems.

Employee Education Seminars:
On-site employee educational sessions on work/life topics are provided for the contract year. Topics for these sessions are developed in collaboration with your human resource professionals in response to employee need. A variety of topics are available including stress management, communication skills, the difference between depressions and “the blues,” coping with divorce, etc.

Program Administration:
CARE EAP provides quarterly statistical reports on program utilization while protecting employee confidentiality. These reports can be customized to provide the employer with preferred information. Employee satisfaction surveys are sent out to all seen in face-to-face interview(s).

It is the policy of CARE EAP to protect the confidentiality of all clients and their records. Client information is protected under both state and federal statutes and shall be deemed as privileged information.