Assessment, Referral and Short-Term Counseling

CARE EAP provides confidential diagnostic assessments and short-term, solution-focused counseling for employees and their eligible dependents. A thorough assessment is completed and either brief counseling is initiated within the EAP, or a rapid referral is made into the insurance benefit. If the employee is not insured, referrals are provided to local community mental health and social service agencies.

CARE EAP carefully evaluates the presenting problems of employees in order to recognize emerging mental health and substance abuse related issues. Situations that are too severe to be managed in a short-term model are carefully case managed to the most appropriate level of care. Follow-up contact is made to ensure that each person being referred into their benefit plan has been successfully linked to needed services.

Employers will receive written quarterly reports regarding the performance of the EAP. Employee information is strictly confidential, and only aggregated statistical information with a synopsis of services is provided.